Back in August of 2008, Jim and Beth traveled to Turks & Caicos to be married. The experiences during this visit became fond memories and played a large role in their decision to purchase a vacation property in the Turks & Caicos. After looking at real estate options in Providenciales, North Caicos and Middle Caicos, they toured the Sailrock Peninsula in South Caicos where they fell in love with the concept of the small island feel, and the flexibility and independence of being able to build a villa among a low-density, naturally preserved environment.

Jim recalls Christmas Day, 2013 when his family flew to South Caicos where they enjoyed a Christmas picnic on the foundation of their under construction villa in the Sailrock Peninsula neighborhood, “It was a great memory shared by our family, and one that I won’t soon forget.”

During the construction of their villa, Beth and Jim forged great relationships with the Sailrock team who’ve assisted them in establishing ties with TCI banks, solicitors and vendors, as well as facilitating shipping and transportation logistics. “We’ve had a great relationship and lots of help from the Sailrock team throughout. With the help of Butch Claire, Ian Jones, and the entire Sailrock team, they’ve all helped us repeatedly with transportation, shipping personal items to South, and introducing us to local merchants, as well as providing maintenance services, even while they focused on other villa and Great House construction.”

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