Great House:

The Great House has progressed considerably, with its exterior wall finishes nearing completion. The natural timber doors and windows are being installed, and once finished, will add to the natural aesthetics of the Great House along with its locally-sourced natural stone cladding. The IPE wood decking around the Jacuzzi has been completed, with the pool area now only waiting for tiling before it’s finished.

Work is just about to begin on the building’s interior finishes and tiling, which will emphasize its natural cedar structure and soaring ceilings. With its expansive open plan, the Great House will be the perfect place for all to come together and enjoy the facilities it has to offer.

Ridgetop Residences:

The exterior decking and cedar cladding at the Ridgetop Residences has been installed, and work now focuses on finishing the timber handrails on the terraces wrapping around the exterior. Once completed, these terraces will offer sweeping views of the water and both sunrises and sunsets! The cedar cladding is now being stained to bring out its natural grain, and adds to the impeccable craftsmanship of the Residences. On the interior, internal walls are being painted and the bathrooms are ready to receive their furniture and vanities as rooms begin to come together.

Beach Villas:

The Beach Villas are in their final stages of work as they receive their interior finishes. Cabinets and countertops are being installed in the kitchens and bathrooms along with faucets, bathtubs, and sinks. Our selection of only the highest-quality finishes in combination with natural materials makes each villa feel remarkably luxurious, yet still connected to its surroundings.

The pools are advancing as well, with the IPE decking on its way to completion and outdoor showers installed. These secluded outdoor spaces offer a sense of tranquility as indoor living flows into the outdoors, whether relaxing on the front porch by the pool or in the private courtyard at the rear.

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