On schedule to open its doors officially this year as a luxury South Caicos hotel, it’s all hands on deck as we put on the finishing touches at the Sailrock Resort. The work be­ing completed in the Beachfront Villas and Ridgetop Suites are mainly cosmetic including, cabi­netry work, installing light fixtures and appliances, and creating a landscape that’s pleasing to the eye while allowing the indigenous foliage to blend harmoniously into the surrounding area. Private poolside terraces and outdoor showers are nearing completion as well, to allow guests even more time to spend outside.

On the resort property itself, the sunset bar, with its stunning views of Caicos Bank, has com­pleted its design phase and has started construction this past summer, allowing guests to dine or drink peacefully while watching the sunset disappear behind the horizon. Work also continues implementing island infrastructure includ­ing, water, power, and enhanc­ing the beachfront for an even more pleasant experience. The spa, which in its first phase, is scheduled for completion in early 2017.

Guests will begin to be able to book their stays starting mid-October 2016. Stay tuned! More to come on Sailrock Resort in the upcoming weeks. Until then, see what kind of adventure you can experience at Sailrock Resort here:


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