First visiting Turks and Caicos in the 1990’s, it was the therapeutic nature of island living that brought Moira Dedrick back to South Caicos in 2008. Standing in the Peninsula Bluffs, Moira absorbed the turquoise and cobalt blue waters, and she felt what it could be like to live in paradise.

Since moving into her own Sailrock Peninsula Villa home, Moira has enjoyed living on South Caicos, starting from her first night in her new home where she was greeted by an island donkey’s hooves clapping on the patio tile. The wildlife and beauty have inspired some of Moira’s work (see enclosed image) and painter friends would come from Provo, Toronto and New York to paint the scenic South Caicos.

Moira was warmly received by the local community saying, “People were extremely welcoming to me. They would come up to me in the stores in town, introduce themselves and offer any assistance I might need.” She continues to explore the historic and breathtaking sites on South Caicos. “To live in a place where the sun rises over the ocean, where you can see passing eagle rays from your door, and experience the migration of humpback whales blowing and jumping well-within reach, makes me grateful for this magical place.”

Moira has settled into Sailrock with her sister, brother-and-law and partner, Peter and continues to appreciate meeting the new-comers to the development. “They are people like us, who love nature, enjoy seeing a donkey wander by, a sea turtle swim.”

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