Sailrock Owner Highlight | Dennis & Patty

Dennis and Patty are passionate about travel and adventure. From Sydney, Australia to the Virgin Islands, the couple has experienced many trips over their 39-year marriage, but the one-of-a-kind tranquility of Sailrock’s out-island living struck the Terrys as especially enthralling. They first heard of Sailrock while on vacation in Abaco and began, “talking about how cool it would be to live on a small out-island.”

Sailrock Living’s unique blend of top-notch luxury amenities and out-island adventure, which we like to call “barefoot luxury,” immediately resonated with the couple. While exploring the island for the first time, they remember telling each other, “How cool is this? Could we really live here?” It didn’t take long for the Terrys to settle on Sailrock as their next endeavor.

Purchasing property and crafting a new home on the island was an exciting challenge, and well worth the effort, the couple believes. After settling in, Dennis and Patty remember how they, “were absolutely convinced [they] had made a great decision,” and, “knew [they] were on a path to something special.”Among many inspiring moments on the island, the Terrys especially enjoyed the opening of the Great House, a community structure in Sailrock Resort that features exceptional services and amenities, as well as Caribbean-inspired fine dining at Sailrock’s Great House Restaurant.

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