There is nothing sweeter than when those who have been following our project in Sailrock South Caicos write to us to let us know they have enjoyed their stay in one of our villas in South Caicos.
Its EVEN sweeter when its Kim Mortimer, photographer, author and one of the best yoga instructors on the island of Turks & Caicos. Kim and her husband Mark Parrish recently visited South Caicos and stayed in our  Reef 3 Villa.  Below is a glimpse into their amazing getaway.

It is hard to imagine when you live in the Turks and Caicos Islands that a weekend away in the archipelago can actually feel like 

vacationing in a different country, but believe me it can!  My husband and I love to explore this stunning landscape and this past weekend we ventured over to South Caicos to stay at one of the new villas by Sailrock. For those who have not been to ‘South’ yet, it is a must see island with its own unique charm. Sailrock’s peninsula is one of the best places on the island to soak it all up… just kick back and get away from it all.  The villa we stayed in was truly heaven and I was very close to having to be dragged out of there on Monday morning when it came time for our flight to Provo.

Each day started by waking up to the sun rising over the ocean, and when I say ocean, I mean the open Atlantic Ocean with next stop Africa. At this time of the day yoga on the expansive patio is not only breathtaking but a prerequisite.  Followed by a casual breakfast, a swim in our own private infinity pool and some lounging on the ample deck furniture with a good book. Being the season for migrating humpback whales this was also a great spot for whale watching. The villa was a good vantage point to look out for air spouts and even enjoy the excitement of a full breach. However, whales are not the only wildlife to see from the comfort of the villa. For any keen bird watchers, such as myself, there was no shortage of birds flying above to keep you amazed.  With brown pelican, osprey, American kestrel, frigate, flamingo and an endless variety of herons to name a few, South Caicos is a birders wonderland.


It would not have been a true Parrish and Morty weekend if we had not been active as well. Kayaking and snorkeling from the north tip of South Caicos for hours through crystal clear waters and endless sandbars with eagle rays and turtles for company was just mind blowing amazing. While it is hard to pick our favorite thing about staying at Sailrock on South, I would have to say lying out on the double deck lounges each night under the blanket of stars comes close. It blows me away just how majestic the starlit sky is when there is no light pollution to interfere. Cuddled up while watching the Milky Way, trying to get your head around the expanse of the Universe but being perfectly okay with your place in it; because after such a perfect day you know you’re exactly where you should be! Sailrock on South Caicos!

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