Imagine this tranquil setting: you are relaxing poolside on a terrace that overlooks the ocean; enjoying the soft undulating sound of crashing waves interwoven with the chirp of indigenous animals.

You are at Sailrock in South Caicos, where the welcoming, outdoor-oriented environment allows you to not only connect with nature, but enjoy luxurious amenities that coexist with the island’s natural habitat.

Through its natural landscaping and eco-friendly design, all of Sailrock embodies the spirit of “Barefoot Luxury” and reflects a deep respect for the natural beauty of the land and surrounding tropical habitats. However, this delicate balance is not easy to achieve. We were lucky enough to have renowned interior designer, Christine Lilley, work with us to achieve this balance.

An established interior designer with over 22 years of experience, Lilley works with both commercial and residential clients to help them craft beautiful designs within their living and working spaces. She enjoys helping people through the facilitation of close relationships, and the marriage of creative and professional work.

Lilley was particularly interested in the Sailrock at South Caicos project because the island holds a special significance for her—she used to travel there on family trips.

“My memories of time there are very family oriented— togetherness, sort of having an opportunity to really

disconnect, relax and take in the beauty. There is no place like it when it comes to the water and the colors and sky—it’s so special that you just want to sit and take it all in.”

Lilley looked to these past experiences on the island, as well as the natural landscape and palette to bring her vision to life. “When I thought about what would be complimentary in that kind of environment I took into consideration the architecture—the clean lines, the fact that the palette itself is very minimalist— I wanted to bring in some organic pieces.”

Ultimately, she selected a line from a company called Environment Furniture (https://www.environmentfurniture.com).

The entire process, from selection to installation, was truly an ode to the specialness that is Sailrock in South

Caicos. The Sailrock team and Lilley spent approximately three years looking at different sample pieces before settling on this company.

“We looked at a lot of different options; we spent three years working on this prior to ordering our first piece of furniture… so we had a lot of time working through it… And then to see it actually there, in place—it was a long time coming.”

Ultimately, Lilley’s expertise and skill in the balancing act of comfort and beauty has created a luxurious escape into nature for all guests. Sailrock has been developed and will operate in an eco-friendly manner, in order to minimally impact the pristine natural sanctuary of the island, and ensure that as many natural assets of South Caicos are preserved for all to experience because, as Lilley said, “that is why you’re there in South Caicos, to enjoy nature and the amazing views.”