Recently Actor/Producer turned travel writer, Andrew McCarthy vacationed in the Turks & Caicos Islands and spent a day exploring South Caicos, a day trip planned by no other than our friends over at Big Blue! Learning about McCarthy’s past travel experiences it is safe to say he enjoys the paths less traveled and doing so he’s been able to enjoy the true beauty and culture that comes from it. This way of life and thinking led him to wonder and explore South Caicos.
On his day trip to South, McCarthy spent his time exploring the island and learning about its rich history from a guide named, Anthony “Blue” Pinder. Blue shared with McCarthy what life in ‘South’ is like. There is a real authentic kind of culture here, says McCarthy. There is something about getting lost in the unhindered turquoise waters while kayaking into the blue and snorkeled the shallow flats on the North side of the Island. After beaching his kayak McCarthy said, “it was absolutely stunning out there”. McCarthy travels to feel far away and South Caicos provided just that, a beautiful escape from the rest of the world.  ‘Going far away to feel far away is all part of the wonder of travel’ says McCarthy and we couldn’t agree more! View the full story here.am_3kayaking
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