South Caicos Activities | Birdwatching

Pack your binoculars, because South Caicos is a bird watchers and nature lovers paradise, with over 190 different species at any given time on the island throughout the year. The unique location and beauty of the island brings these feathered friends in droves, and in turn becomes the perfect place to see nature in all its wonderful and colorful glory.

In the lagoons, salt ponds and mangroves, over 60 waterfowl species can be found, including the rare West Indian Whistling duck who gets its name from a distinctive whistling call. You’ll also find Flamingos, Great Blue Herons, Osprey and Pelicans, alongside Egrets, Terns, Frigates and other water birds. Whether you’re a birder or merely someone who enjoys being out in nature, South Caicos is the place for you.

When you stay at Sailrock Resort, see for yourself why South Caicos has become a hotspot to see some of the most majestic and rare birds around. Not to mention all the other lovely and unique views you’ll find as well.

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