Sailrock Owner Highlight | Smith Family

Ever since their first visit to Turks and Caicos 27 years ago, Palo Alto couple Steve and Debra Smith have been in love with the serene, Caribbean lifestyle the islands have to offer.

“The dream for us is the slow pace, and [to be] in sync with the natural environment,” the couple shared. “That moment happened when we walked onto our terrace and saw the view of the ocean from our Sailrock Living home. We saw Columbus Passage in the Atlantic Ocean where humpback whales migrate every season, and knew this is where we needed to be.”

With Providenciales growing as the Islands’ tourism hub, Steve and Debra were looking for a less populated island on which to spend the coming years, and found themselves enchanted by South Caicos’ intimate size and pristine, beautiful environment. “South Caicos is the sleepy Island in contrast, but still offers a unique environment where wild donkeys still roam and the charming buildings of Cockburn Harbour tell the story of the South Caicos’ history.”

The couple also loves the opportunities for activity the island offers, explaining, “We spend our time hiking, snorkeling, shelling, boating, enjoying sunsets and good food, dancing to the island music, rip saw, and time with friends and family.”

See for yourself what Steve, Debra, and so many other owners at Sailrock Living already know. Contact our professional sales staff for more information.

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