Laura and Brad Dempsey came to South Caicos for the first time with Laura’s sister, Moira Dedrick, who eventually bought property in Sailrock. During the trip, they discovered its rugged beauty and were immediately smitten with the island. After that, they never looked back.

Being business owners with offices near Toronto, Canada doesn’t deter the Dempsey’s from experiencing island life. “One of the great things about having a house in Sailrock is even when we are so busy with our business we know our piece of paradise awaits. So we can just zip down at any given time,” says Laura.

Consummate travellers, the Dempsey’s agree, “South Caicos is the most noteworthy and starkly beautiful place we’ve ever been.”

As one of the very first to build a villa in the Peninsula neighborhood, Laura and Brad remember the moment they made the most adventurous decision of their life. “We were standing on the long beach (where Sailrock Resort now stands) with the local Sailrock team, and thinking, how did I get so lucky to even be standing here, taking in this amazing view of white sand and turquoise ocean as far as the eye can see.’ That’s when we were informed there was property here for sale. The rest is history.”

Laura likes to wander the island taking pictures, “One part reminds me of Scotland, one part Africa, one part Atlantic Canada.” She continues, “I feel somehow we have manifested a dream since childhood, where I can wander the pristine landscape, exploring and discovering something new at every turn, and never see another person, unless I want to.”

Visit Sailrock’s Discovery Center, and let our experienced sale team show you around.

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