Sailrock Owner Highlight | Jimmy Goldsmith and Kim Kaufman

Jimmy Goldsmith and Kim Kaufman have a love of beauty and adventure. They are inspired by the versatile excitement of visiting new, visually stunning destinations. Sailrock provides the couple with an unbeatable combination of awe-inspiring natural beauty and incredible out-island adventure, complemented with topnotch amenities and the warmest staff ever experienced by Jimmy and Kim during their travels.

Originally stumbling upon Sailrock online, Jimmy was at first nervous to visit Sailrock Resort so recently after its Grand Opening. However, intrigued by the possibility of extravagant luxury in a one-of-a-kind location, the couple took the plunge, visiting the island for the first time in February 2017. “We had one of those reactions you always dream about,” Jimmy said of the couple’s initial reaction to Sailrock. “We fell in love with the whole package,” Kim explained of their following decision to invest in a second home in the Sailrock Living community. “It just made sense to purchase a villa.”

Along with the breathtaking shorelines and endless opportunities for adventure, the couple was taken with the local culture and the dedication of the Sailrock team, which made the process of purchasing a Beachfront Villa at Sailrock Resort simple and straightforward. “We have only just closed on our villa, but our entire experience with the Sailrock organization has been welcoming,” Kim said. She and her husband were especially impressed with the hospitality of the Sailrock team. Kim noted of the staff, “We can’t say enough about their kindness and professionalism.”

Sailrock’s commitment to preserving and enhancing the local community and culture powerfully resonated with Jimmy and Kim, inspiring the couple to get involved with the local high school. There, they hope to help rebuild the library and improve the technological resources available to students. Jimmy and Kim are eager to immerse themselves in South Caicos’ culinary scene as well. The couple has an eye on a former waterfront salt storage building, which they are considering reinventing as a restaurant and bar. “We can’t help ourselves!” said Kim of the couple’s enthusiasm to further enrich the island community by creating more dining options.

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