Product Feature | Native Landscaping

At Sailrock, the preservation of the natural environment is paramount. That’s why we have incorporated plant species native to South Caicos when designing the landscaping for the community. With the goal of having Sailrock blend harmoniously with the environment surrounding it, we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Our focus was on incorporating plants that could endure the unique conditions of the marine coastal environment typically known for its sandy soil, salty air, and warm sunny year round weather with minimal rainfall.

When we embarked on the process of collecting and transplanting the shrubs and trees to beautify the property, virtually everything we put in the ground seemed doomed to perish…However, Barbara Underwood, one of our renowned local landscapers told us to be patient. And soon enough, little tiny sprouts started to appear on most plants and trees!

The landscape at Sailrock Resort is a work in progress introducing a host of truly amazing and exotic varieties: cacti, agaves, cotton plants, cork trees, local orchids, native lantana and allamanda…the vast and varied collection goes on.

Learn more about Sailrock sustainability here.

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