Meet the Team | Albert “Butch” Clare

Albert “Butch” Clare is Director of Community and Guest Affairs at Sailrock Resort located amid the unspoiled tropical beauty of South Caicos Island in Turks & Caicos. Clare, a native of the island, aids the onsite team in catering to owner and guest needs. He also serves as ambassador and liaison to local government and authorities on behalf of Sailrock Resort, a role he has had for seven years and counting.

As a South Caicos native, Clare has deep firsthand knowledge of the beauty of the island. In 1996 he even met Queen Elizabeth II on her historic visit and presented her with a set of Conch Pearls on behalf of the Boy Scouts. Prior to joining Sailrock, Clare served as Chairman of the Turks & Caicos Tourist Board, as well as President of the Turks & Caicos Hotel & Tourism Association. His connection to both organizations has proven beneficial to owners and guests of Sailrock Resort alike.

Beyond all of the above, Clare has extensive hospitality experience in Turks & Caicos, including past roles as Concierge Manager of Beaches Resort & Spa; Resident Manager of Royal West Indies Resort on Providenciales; and General Manager of The Meridian Club in Pine Cay.

Clare resides in South Caicos and travels to Providenciales on the weekends and holidays to visit his wife, siblings and grandson. When not on the job at Sailrock Resort, he is actively involved with Mt. Olivet Baptist Church where he is the Sunday School Director and an Ordained Deacon.

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