How to Live Like A Local In Your Turks and Caicos Villa

Sparkling waters, stunning beaches, and thrilling outdoor excursions are enough to fill any trip to South Caicos with fun and adventure, but when you own one of our South Caicos resort villas & suites, you might find yourself wanting to live like one of the locals. We’ve compiled a small list of some of our favorite island spots to visit while on South Caicos.

The Regatta Pavilion & Commissioner’s House

If you’re lucky enough to be spending a substantial amount of time at your Turks and Caicos Villa, we highly recommend that you take a day to explore some of the more historical points of the Island. In 1966, the Regatta Pavillion was built to receive Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip on a visit to the island. The Pavilion experienced damage during 2017’s hurricanes, but renovation plans are in place to restore it to its original state. If you’re visiting the island in May you’ll get to experience a truly local event, the South Caicos Regatta. The South Caicos Regatta commemorates this historic visit and builds a sense of community on the island. Each year this festival brings a plethora of music, food, and games to the island.

After visiting the Pavillion, continue on to view the historic Commissioner’s House where Queen Elizabeth stayed during her visit. This historic building from the 18th century is an important landmark sure to give you insight into South Caicos’ history.

Sunset Cafe Bar and Grill

Sailrock provides it’s residents and guests with multiple opportunities to dine at the resort or cook in one of our South Caicos resort villas & suites but we also encourage you to experience some local fare. The Sunset Cafe Bar & Grill is an island favorite, providing fresh food and friendly service. Visit this cafe during your next trip and get ready to be welcomed with open arms by the owner himself. On top of the warm and friendly atmosphere, this restaurant provides a variety of the freshest seafood including cracked conch, grilled lobster, and seafood pasta. Stop by the next time you’re in town to see why this restaurant is a hit with the local crowd!

Abandoned Salt Salinas

South Caicos Flamingo

Flamingo at Salt Salina

Before becoming a beautiful tourist destination and prime fishing market, Salt Mining was the driving economical factor of South Caicos. Saltwater was first pumped into the Salinas where the water then evaporated leaving behind the final product. Now, the salt ponds are home to flocks of flamingos! The ruins of this production can still be accessed outside of Cockburn Harbor and are definitely a sight worth seeing. Take a trip outside of your South Caicos resort villa and walk among the ruins of abandoned warehouses to get a real feel of the island’s history.

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