Great House:

The Great House at Sailrock is progressing rapidly, with many new updates to report. The IPE wood decking is nearing completion, and will add eye-capturing contrast against the white of the Great House and the turquoise water. In addition, the natural-stone wall surrounding the Great House is almost finished. With the use of native materials, the Great House is already blending into the surrounding landscape, and will have a sense of permanence and history, adding to the island’s tranquil atmosphere.



The natural exposed-beam ceiling at the Great House is nearly completed and the details of this work are truly stunning. The tremendous volume of these open interior spaces are now completely apparent and the panoramic views of the surrounding waters are prominent throughout the Great House.


The Great House is almost ready for its interior finishes, with electrical work being completed shortly and the structure ready for drywall and tiling. On the main level, the Great House Bar is already underway, and we can’t wait for our first drink sitting at the bar, looking out over the island!

Beach Villas:

At the Beach Villas, the interior cedar roofing is moving forward, and highlights the remarkable ceilings heights, allowing cool ocean air to effortlessly flow into the villas.


The framing of the terraces at the villas are also making headway, and once completed, will allow for effortless indoor-outdoor living and fully unobstructed views of the water.


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