Land Ownership

Our Peninsula neighborhood on South Caicos boasts a lively atmosphere, as it is the center of our Sailrock Resort community. Landownership in this neighborhood ensures that you can reside in an intimate private residence while being close to our resort amenities, restaurants and bars. Certain areas of our Peninsula neighborhood are especially coveted because they provide breathtaking views of both sunset and sunrise.

Peninsula Neighborhoods

The Peninsula neighborhood stretches North from the Great House to McCartney Cay and is divided into three sub-neighborhoods: Bluffs, Passage and Estates. The Peninsula Estates are the farthest North and closest to McCartney Cay. This is the perfect place to launch your out-island adventure as Peninsula Estates land is near the Sailrock Boat Launch and other outdoor activities. South of the Estates neighborhood, is Peninsula Passage. Located on the narrowest part of the Peninsula, these Oceanfront and Ridgetop plots offer breathtaking views of both sunset and sunrise. The Southernmost neighborhood is Peninsula Bluffs. The Bluffs neighborhood boasts exclusive Oceanfront and Oceanview plots that are a short walk away from Sailrock Resort’s amenities, restaurants and bars.

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