Although one of the smallest islands in the archipelago, South Caicos boasts an international airport with a 6,000-foot runway and full customs services.

Flying to Turks & Caicos is easier than ever, with over 71 flights weekly into Providenciales. With major cities worldwide such as: Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, New York, the United Kingdom, Canada and more, offering daily non-stop service. It’s no wonder Turks & Caicos has become the number one Island vacation destination.

Located 40 miles southeast of Providenciales, South Caicos is easily accessible via daily scheduled 25-minute direct flights on interCaribbean Airways from Providenciales (PLS) to South Caicos International Airport (XSC). South Caicos International Airport can accommodate both commercial and private jets and is a convenient customs point of entry.

For added dependability, convenience and flexibility with varying arrival times to Providenciales, Sailrock Resort can provide pre-arranged air-transportation for guests from Providenciales Airport (PLS) to South Caicos (XSC) and from South Caicos Airport (XSC) back to Providenciales Airport (PLS) for an additional cost. Our Reservations Team is available to assist guests in confirming their non-commercial arrangements. The inter-island flights are a short 18-minute flight each way.

Ferry Services

TCI Ferry Service offers a 90-minute, three-times a week ferry to South Caicos from Providenciales. The service makes it easy and convenient as a great alternative option to flying. Our Reservations Team will gladly assist in coordinating your transportation should ferry be your preferred mode of arrival to South Caicos.

One-way booking is $60 per person with round-trip bookings being available for $99 per person. The weekly ferry service schedules are as follows:

  • Wednesdays | Depart Providenciales at 7:30am, arrive South Caicos at 9:00am
  • Wednesdays | Depart South Caicos at 3:00pm, arrive Providenciales at 4:30pm
  • Fridays | Depart Providenciales at 1:30pm, arrive South Caicos at 3:00pm
  • Fridays | Depart South Caicos at 3:00pm, arrive Providenciales at 4:30pm
  • Sundays | Depart Providenciales at 1:30pm, arrive South Caicos at 3:30pm
  • Sundays | Depart South Caicos at 3:30pm, arrive Providenciales at 4:30pm

 Private chartered boat transfers can also be arranged to/from Providenciales/South Caicos. One-way bookings are available for $972 for a one-way booking and can accommodate up to 5 passengers.

Chartered Jet/Boat

Visitors may also arrive in South Caicos by private plane or by private boat. Customs services at South Caicos International Airport and Cockburn Harbour Port ensure swift and easy travel. If you plan to arrive via a private plane or private boat, our Reservations Team is here to help coordinate your transportation from Providenciales to South Caicos.