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A True Caribbean Experience

Here at Sailrock South Caicos, we celebrate and preserve the natural beauty and spirit of out-island life. How? By offering opportunities for both tranquility and adventurous discovery to connoisseurs of authentic experiences who aren’t afraid to venture into the unknown. With our promise of a richly satisfying Caribbean experience, we extend a warm welcome to short-term resort vacationers, long-term homeowners and local lifetime residents alike. And with a variety of residential offerings currently available – including the newly released Beach Villas – we encourage you to explore Sailrock today!

Turks & Caicos

Sailrock is located on South Caicos, a small island that is part of the Turks & Caicos Islands. Recently, the island chain has experienced tremendous growth as a vacation destination. This has led to steady growth in vacation homes and property owners. Our luxurious Sailrock real estate is an attractive investment since South Caicos is now one of the most exclusive tropical destinations.

Real Estate

  • No restrictions on foreign property ownership
  • No current property taxes
  • No current income taxes for revenue generated by property ownership
  • No current capital gains taxes for property transfers
  • One time transfer tax at time of purchase (6.5% in South Caicos)
  • Stable environment (British territory, stable political system and trusted legal system)
  • British Crown guarantees Absolute Title through a land registration process, making title insurance unnecessary
  • The Government Planning and Development Authority oversees all building codes and development plans to ensure the highest standards of land use and construction

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In order to preserve the natural out-island beauty of South Caicos for generations to come, we have instated strict building guidelines, spacing rules, height restrictions and low-level LED street lighting at Sailrock. Our team is cautious, careful and respectful of our island, Islanders and their culture; we let the best of South Caicos sell itself. Miles of nature trails welcome nature lovers and hikers to the large areas of open space that will be forever preserved as wildlife habitat. Furthermore, we supply our own water with a state of the art reverse-osmosis plant and where necessary, we supply water for irrigation primarily through gray-water and cisterns.